Progress in the construction of the ships ARA Piedrabuena P-52 and ARA Storni P-53 for the Argentine Navy-Noticias

The construction and completion of the ocean patrol ships of the Argentine Navy ARA Piedrabuena P-52 and ARA Storni P-53 are proceeding at the French shipyards of the Naval Group / Piriou Group. Piedrabuena is only in the final phase of recruiting before starting his trip to Argentina. According to sources consulted, this will happen in the first four months of this year. As we reported a few months ago, in contrast to the ARA Bouchard, the Piedrabuena already has the Leonardo Marlin weapon station, which is armed with a 30 mm cannon.

As for the ARA Storni P-53, work continues in the various sectors of the ocean patrol boat, the second in the series (if we do not count the ARA Bouchard, which has some design differences with respect to its brothers). We would like to remind that in the September 2019 report by the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers on the status of the project it was made clear that ships No. 2 and No. 3 started construction in March last year and are expected to arrive in April and September 2021, respectively . Ship No. 4 will begin construction in June 2020 and is expected to be received in March 2022. The new units will be built at the French shipyards Piriou, Concarneau and Kership Lanester in Lorient, confirming that the French shipyards will adhere to the planned production schedule, which will be met despite the global health crisis.

The above report also looked at the cost of the project, noting that 31,434,680 has been disbursed for credit insurance so far, and asked banks to provide 57,520,000 as an advance and 54,933,933 as initial milestones, according to the Argentine ministry The execution to pay the defense. It should be recalled that the total amount of the purchase is 319 million euros, a figure obtained from the buyer’s credit line agreement between the Argentine Republic and the financial institutions Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank Natixis and Banco Santander SA, dated 29. November 2018 (Luis Pieiro)

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