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Recently the Army reported on the qualification and validation tests of the Sapper Combat Vehicle (VCZAP) ?? Castor ?? in the Sevillian facilities of General Dynamics European Land Systems? Santa Bárbara Sistemas in Alcalá de Guadaira.

Employees of the Sapper Battalion X (BZ X) take part in these tests, which began in April 2019 and are characterized by the modification of the drive train, with which the maximum weight of the vehicle can now be handled in the order of the fight warranties. The Pioneer Battalion X has been the support unit for the Pizarro program office with regard to the engineer vehicle since 2017.

As recently confirmed in an interview with the Head of Terrestrial Systems of DGAM’s Directorate General Programs, General Santiago Camarero Alenda, with the development of the Castor, General Santiago Camarero Alenda had the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in Pizarro and in other international projects. The result, with entirely Spanish engineering, is a very advanced vehicle with a very high level of protection, easily adaptable to any other future medium weight chain need, both as an infantry combat vehicle and as a support version. This will depend on the needs and planning established in prioritizing the military capabilities targets.

The Beaver??

Remember that the VCZAP? Castor? was one of the main stars of the last FEINDEF trade fair and attracted a lot of attention at the Dynamics European Land Systems stand? Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS-SBS), which was also attended by SASCorp, which was actively involved in the design.

The VCZAP is based on one of the two ASCOD platforms offered by GDELS, which weigh between 31 and 35 tons and offer a capacity of up to 13 tons between mission elements, armaments and weapons. This platform offers a higher level of protection given the risky role for which the vehicle was intended to be used and will serve as the starting point for the development of the future Phase III of the Pizarro infantry combat vehicle analyzed in 2019.

The Beaver?? It is shared by the Pizarro Phase II engine, which consists of an MTU 8V 199 TE20 720 HP engine supplied by MTU and a SAPA SG850 binary logic gearbox. The keys to this program were analyzed in 2019 and announced exclusively in June 2017 in number 470 of Defensa magazine. (José Mª Navarro García)

Photo: The beaver at the beginning of the qualification tests (army)

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