Progress in modernizing Angamos-class submarines for the Peruvian Navy

The modernization of the submarine BAP Antofagasta (SS-32), which was subjected to the cutting of the resistant hull in mid-February, is progressing rapidly. According to , the submarines BAP Antofagasta (SS-32), the second unit to go through this process, will gradually withdraw their command and control, propulsion and navigation systems in the coming weeks. as well as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, electronic and optical equipment that is being replaced or undergone a major overhaul.

Of all this, he informed the Peruvian Defense Minister Nuria Esparch Fernndez, who, accompanied by Production Minister Jos Luis Chicoma and the General Command of the Navy, Admiral Ricardo Menndez Calle, visited the SIMA facilities. This work is being carried out.

The Navy Industrial Service (SIMA-PERU) started, as we already reported on , the submarine program 209/1200 (Angamos class), officially known as the program to restore submarine capacity in the operational area is. Martimo Cdigo N 137495, in December 2017 with the transfer of the BAP Chipana (SS-34) to the transfer yard of the Naval Arsenal. The latter has been expanded and improved with an investment of around $ 115 million, including the construction of a hangar and the implementation of a synchronous elevator for ships with a carrying capacity of up to 2,500 tons. and a transfer yard and parking lots for construction and repair work on ships.

Currently, the work in the BAP Chipana (SS-34) shows an advance of 78.3%. Recommissioning is planned for the first quarter of 2022. This modernization, carried out on the Antofagasta BAP (SS-32) and gradually applied to the Angamos BAP (SS-31) and the Pisagua BAP (SS-33), let them extend their useful life so that they can be at least 15 to 20 years old be able to work long.

The diesel engines of the BAP Chipana (SS-34) are the same MTU 12V493 AZ80 GA31L with 2,400 CV, but new, specially made for the Navy of Peru, which guarantees that the ship will maintain its operational performance. The electric drive motor from Siemens with a weight of 45 tons. and it’s capable of 4,600 to 5,000 horsepower – it has undergone an extensive maintenance process for several months in SIMA’s X-51 electrical workshop. In addition, the ship will have a new hatch that can be used to attach a DSRV rescue submarine to rescue the crew in the event of a disaster. In terms of equipment, the BAP Chipana (SS-34) will have the Kallpa Combat System (developed by SIMA-SAE) and ESM / ELINT (Electronic Support Measures / Electronic Intelligence) Timnex II, the Hendsolts SERO periscopes 250 and the ability to use the SM-39 Exocet anti-ship missile.

The BAP Antofagasta (SS-32) is a unit of the type 209/1200 (Angamos class), built on December 3, 1977 by Howaltswerke Deutsche Werft (Germany), commissioned on December 19, 1979 May was put into operation. 1981. It is 55.9 m long and 6.2 m wide. and draft of 5.5 m. Displaces 1,285 tons. when immersed. It is powered by 4 2400 HP MTU 12V493 AZ80 GA31L diesel engines and a 4,600 HP Siemens electric motor. The speed is 11 knots on the surface and 21.5 knots submerged, and the range is 11,300 nm at 4 knots. It has 8 torpedo tubes of 533 mm. for Atlas SST-4 and SUT-264. (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima).

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