Production begins on Boeing’s T-7A, the trainer that would compete in the markets with the Airbus option for Spanish Air Force Noticias

On February 23, Boeing announced the entry into the production line of the first American part of the T-7A Red Hawk training aircraft for the United States Air Force. It is the first US Air Force aircraft to be named “eSeries” after its digital design and construction has been validated.

The Red Hawk was developed entirely using 3D model-based definition and data management systems developed by Boeing over the past two decades. The T-7A Red Hawk adopted the digital engineering and design of the Boeing TX aircraft and went from concept to maiden flight in just 36 months. We remind you that in September 2018 Boeing was commissioned by the US Air Force to build 351 advanced trainers in addition to 46 simulators. The Swedish company Saab is Boeing’s partner in the program and is responsible for the manufacture of the rear part of the fuselage.

The Airbus Future Jet Trainer (AFJT) proposed for the training of pilots of the Spanish Air Force, which wants to acquire up to 55 aircraft in two phases and for which the Leonardo M-346 is also used, would thus be in the international market with the new Boeing T-7A. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The T-7A Red Hawk training aircraft (Boeing)

The T-7A Red Hawk training aircraft for the United States Air Force goes into production.

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