President Piñera appoints General Javier Iturriaga del Campo as the new Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Ministry of Defense announced that the President of the Republic, Sebastin Piera, has appointed General of the Army Division Javier Iturriaga del Campo as the new Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff (JEMCO) and, as Deputy Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Brigadier General Jean Pierre Desgroux.

Iturriaga has held the position of General of the Division and Commander of Education and Teaching of the Army since 2018 and officially took over the leadership of EMCO on December 11, 2020, succeeding Vice Admiral Rodrigo Álvarez, who had held this responsibility since 2018.

The new joint chief of staff entered the military school in 1980 and graduated in infantry weapons in 1984. He has a primary specialty as a general staff officer as well as secondary commands and paratroopers. He has a degree in military science and a master’s degree in military science with an emphasis on planning and strategic management.

During his military career, he held important positions in the institution. He was appointed Deputy Director of the General Staff of the Army (2017); Director of Operations (2016); Commander of Lautaro Special Operations Brigade (2014); Military attaché in Brazil; Commander of the 2nd Cazadores Tank Brigade (2013); Among other things, commander of the reinforced regiment No. 4 Rancagua.

General Iturriaga is 55 years old, married and has four children.

In the meantime, the new Deputy Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff will be Air Brigadier General Jean Pierre Desgroux, who will replace Aviation General Albert Widmer.

The new Subjemco entered aviation school in 1983 and is an aeronautical systems execution engineer from the Air War Academy. He also has general staff courses and a degree in defense economics from the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies.

Brigadier General Desgroux was currently Director of the Secret Service of the Chilean Air Force and Commander of the General Area Garrison of Santiago.

During his career, General Desgroux was Director of Command and Strategic Control of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director of the Aviation School (2014), Chief of Staff of Personnel Command, Defense Attaché of the Chilean Embassy in Italy. Director of the International Space Exhibition, Commander of Aviation Group No. 7 and President Edecn between 2005 and 2007.

General Desgroux is 57 years old, married and has four children.

President Piera also appointed Rear Admiral Yerco Marcic Conley, the current Commander in Chief of the First Sea Zone, to be in command of the northern joint command (regions of Arica and Parinacota, Taparac and Antofagasta).

Rear Admiral Marcic joined the Arturo Prat Naval Academy in 1980 and graduated as a midshipman in 1986. He is a specialist in the General Staff of the Naval War Academy of the Chilean Navy and also the Brazilian Navy. He holds a Masters in Marine and Marine Sciences, another in Business Administration from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and a Diploma in Senior Management. He was sworn in as a Commodore and was promoted to Rear Admiral in 2017. He was Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Commander-in-Chief of the National Troops, and currently Commander-in-Chief of the First Marine Zone.

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