Pioneers and artillerymen train as part of the Free Hidalgo XXXV Operation-Noticias

The pioneers that make up the engineering division of the Engineer Battalion of the Aragon Brigade. Me for the operation? Libre Hidalgo? XXXV have completed the second maneuvers? Alpha? foreseen in the specific training period they are developing to prepare for the deployment in Lebanon, due to take place in May this year.

The exercises were conducted February 8-12 and worked with the deactivation team to prepare for the unit’s C-IED instruction. Therefore, the pioneers were briefed on the specific procedures to combat the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat, culminating in their week with a 48-hour track cleaning issue where threats sequenced the entire track, forcing the section request the action of the deactivation team to perform the cleaning ??.

The machine team, for its part, carried out work for the benefit of the brigade’s facilities, prepared water pipes to prevent the secondary workshop of the Grupo Logístico (GL) from being flooded, and prepared and concreted a slab for parking vehicles in the GL. They also developed pits for the maneuvering field and improved the facilities of the urban combat area of ​​El Abejar. (Saragossa) and repair of the road that connects the residential area of ​​Venta el Coscón with ?? Low Houses ??.

Eventually, all pioneers were trained in rifle shooting in order to improve the individual skills of each member of the Engineers Unit.

Training of Field Artillery Regiment No. 20

In the same way during this week the base support unit and the barracks of the artillery regiment No. 20 for the operation “Libre Hidalgo”. XXXV did some exercises? Alpha? in the training center? San Gregorio? (Zaragoza), framed in the specific training period of the contingent.

The exercise began with a phase where instinctive and combat shooting exercises were conducted both day and night to ensure staff were able to create masses of fire at the right time and to automatically distribute the sectors to achieve appropriate consumer discipline. All of this in order to face the most demanding situations in the operational area.

In addition, a tactical theme was created from the simulated “Base Miguel de Cervantes” to the area “Casas Altas”. with the aim of rescuing a hostage, with the presence of a real enemy, both on the itinerary and in the combat zone in an urban area and always under enemy fire. Special attention has therefore been paid to the practice of operational procedures to protect the armed forces in order to improve the unit’s response to pre-determined events, ranging from first aid and combat in an urban area to responses to enemy contact with IEDs.

The exercise concluded with the I / 20 Field Artillery Group chief’s assessment and certification of the unit, which was developed based on a tactical theme where the unit suffered most of the most common incidents in the field of operations.

Source and photo: Army (Earth Bulletin)

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