Pap Tecnos will open its new headquarters in Torrejón de Ardoz in May

Spanish company Pap Tecnos, a subsidiary of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, is working on adapting new facilities in Torrejn de Ardoz, acquired a few months ago after a long selection process, with new programs that you are working on.

In this way, the company will move from its current facilities in Alcobendas to the new facilities in Torrejn de Ardoz, which will have 4,000 square meters of industrial applications and 2,000 square meters of office and laboratory space. It is expected that up to 125 people will work in these new facilities, 60% of whom will be highly skilled engineers and technicians. With the staff employed in various maintenance contracts inside and outside Spain, the workforce can be increased to 200 people.

The company is currently adapting these facilities and plans to start operations there next May. A production area, an area for software maintenance, development and maintenance as well as a research and development department will be housed in the new facilities.

The manufacture of the unmanned 30 mm tower is also planned for the adaptation of the systems. Toledo 30S offered to the Spanish Army as part of the 8×8 Dragn Fighting Vehicle (VCR) program, if selected after the tests carried out last July under the Technological Risk Reduction Program. These tests included the launch of the Spike LR missile after its full integration into the turret, as requested by the Spanish Army. Recall that the first batch of manufacture of the dragon includes 348 vehicles, 132 VCR-L, or a line equipped with towers with remote use of 30mm. plus another 40 for anti-tank battles equipped with turrets that will also have spike missile launchers.

The new facilities will also take care of the maintenance of the mini Samson remote employment towers provided by the Spanish Army, which have been in service for more than a decade in a number of more than 150 units and which equip and equip the RG-31, the land exploration vehicles Reconnaissance (VERT) and selected to equip the Castor Sappers Combat Vehicle (VCZAP). It was also selected by the Navy to equip 10 VAMTACs ST5 in the VSP (Fording Without Preparation) version. Pap Tecnos is responsible for the maintenance of both those who are on national territory and those who are or have been used in international operations in Mali, Iraq or Afghanistan.

The company will be in discussions with the community to set up a job bank and plans to work with other companies in the area on other projects. They also remind us that Pap Tecnos will have the Design Authority’s capacity in relation to the products it offers. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The company poster with the new corporate identity that we were able to see during the presentation of the Toledo 30S tower is already on the facade of the building.

The new headquarters are located in the industrial area of ​​Las Monjas de Torrejn de Ardoz (Author)

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