PAP TECNOS provides Tess Defense and the Ministry of Defense with the proposal for its TOLEDO 30S tower for the 8×8 kite

April 30 was the deadline for companies interested in the delivery of the 30mm remote tower. for the Wheeled Combat Vehicle (VCR) 8×8 Dragn send their proposals to Tess Defense and the Ministry of Defense. As we analyzed last month, these were the two towers evaluated in the demonstration phase, such as the Toledo 30S from PAP TECNOS and the Tizona from Navantia together with Elbit Systems and Expal as well as the Guardian 30 from Escribano Mechanical & Engineering.

The first company to confirm submission of its proposal is PAP TECNOS, according to the distributed press release. The company has confirmed it made a full offer to Tess Defense and the Department of Defense on Friday April 30th. According to the company, it is the most complete and proven proposal, highlighting its maturity, protection and reliability for the troops that will use this vehicle in their various missions.

The TOLEDO 30S remote task force tower is based on the well-known and functional Samson 30 MK-II tower, in which PAP TECNOS has worked for the last 5 years as part of the Technological Demonstrators program, in order to adapt it to the specific requirements of the army. the earth. The capacities that have been implemented and which the Ministry’s program office was able to evaluate include, among other things, the complete duality of functions between the shooter and the vehicle boss.

This tower has proven its performance in the tests carried out last July with the Legin Brigade in Almera on demonstrator D2. In these exercises, the effectiveness of this tower was also checked by firing ABM ammunition (Airbust Ammunition) and shooting down Spike LR missiles, which is mandatory for the Army. The TOLEDO 30S Tower is a mature, safe product with already proven effectiveness in combat by the armies that use it.

Industrial plan for Spain

The Spanish company also reported on the industrial plan for the tower in the form of a commitment to national industrial development, a project with a share of over 71% in Spain. 11 companies, distributed in 7 autonomous communities, will participate in this program, with a significant commitment in terms of job creation.

Pap Tecnos has the capacity of the Design Authority of the TOLEDO 30S Tower, a project at national and global level in which different specialized Spanish companies work together, has great technological experience and the necessary resources to come up with the best solution for the 8×8 video recorder. Developing Dragon In addition, the aforementioned properties make it a tower with great export opportunities. PAP TECNOS is a Spanish company with international projection that develops defense and security solutions through alliances with national companies, thereby benefiting the Spanish industrial structure. Its reliable and effective solutions are the answer to the needs of our armed forces to ensure their safety and the success of their missions.

Photo: Demonstrator D2 with the Toledo 30S Tower (PAP TECNOS)

Photo: Geographical distribution of the companies involved in the industrial plan (PAP TECNOS)

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