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The first flight in the sky of Belo Horizonte took place in 1912. Since then, the importance of aviation for Minas Gerais in the fields of education, innovation and business has increased. In the Month of Aviation, the Centro Universitário Una of Ânima Educação celebrates 10 years of aviation courses with discussions on entrepreneurship, the future of the sector and the performance of women in the field with the aim of celebrating and sparking interest among young people in the field.

The events are broadcast on the UNA channel at the times specified below.

Ozires’ life

Dr. Ozires Silva, visionary co-founder and President of Embraer for almost 20 years, patron of the aerospace and engineering courses at the institutions of Ânima Educação, is the main presence of the event. Dr. Ozires Silva, aviation officer and engineer at the Technological Institute of Aviation (ITA), is distinguished by his contribution to the development of the Brazilian aviation industry. He led the team that designed and manufactured the Bandeirante aircraft, commanded the group that promoted the creation of Embraer, and began manufacturing industrial aircraft in Brazil.

In one particular life he will delve into aviation entrepreneurship. During the meeting the “Ozires Silva Seal – Patron of Aviation Ânima” will be presented, which will be part of the diplomas of the courses of the educational organization.

“Aviation is vital to the country’s development and mobility. Today we can go to Europe at 9 a.m. and that is extraordinary. We Brazilians have a very close relationship with aviation, it’s in our blood. That’s why I’m proud to be part of this story. In order to continue this process of continuous development, we need thinking and trained people in order to keep developing aviation in general, both in the manufacture of aircraft and in the operation of airports. It should be emphasized that Ânima plays a very important role here, as it is necessary to train qualified specialists who are transformed through education and who can understand the complex structure of the manufacture of an aircraft, ”comments Dr. Ozires Silva, who is also President of the Innovation Council of Nima Education.

Commander Bethânia

Commander Bethânia Porto, who experienced the episode in 2012 of having a passenger on board who refused to take off on the plane when she learned that the plane would be flown by a woman, is also one of the highlights of “Aviation Month” . In a live she will speak about “Women in Aviation” and the market challenges for them, who are still a minority in the industry. Together with the commanding officer, two former Una students who are currently working with technical control in an airline and with aircraft maintenance in a well-known company in the industry take part in the chat.

The sector remains promising, according to Kerley Alberto Pereira de Oliveira, Una’s flight course coordinator. “When we opened the first aviation course, there was a very high demand for professionals with higher education as the segment works with maximum innovation and accelerated. The market increasingly needs skilled workers who have a more in-depth knowledge of all aviation science, ”he emphasizes.

In addition to life, Una Aviation Month will have a varied program throughout October with content such as videos and podcasts on the relationship between aviation and other areas of knowledge such as fashion, cinema and architecture. Life will be open to the public and can be found on Una’s Youtube channel.

The lives:

16/10 – Women in Aviation – Commander Bethânia Porto – 19 hours
23/10 – Dr. Ozires Silva – Entrepreneurship in Aviation – 19 hours
Location: Una Youtube Channel

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