Opening or breaching the system without explosives for special forces Operations-Noticias

Both military and police special forces consider it necessary to enter rooms that are denied them, be it in the context of rescue operations, the fight against terrorism or organized crime, or strictly military special operations.

These are the so-called opening or breaking techniques, as they are usually called. Some of the best known are based on the use of explosives, as we recently analyzed as part of the Days of the Military School for Mountain and Special Operations (EMMOE).

However, there are other techniques that dispense with the use of explosives, a method that is not without risk, as is obvious, and that is based on the use of hand tools and more or less portable hydraulic devices that allow them to break through. own doors in some cases of true forts. As a result of the proliferation of security doors, double doors, external locks and, in general, the tendency of criminal groups to shield themselves to the maximum in order to gain time to get rid of the incriminating persons, new tools are at the service of the cited units .

One example is the Kinetic Breaching Tool (KBT) developed in the USA by Kinetic Breaching Technology and marketed in our country by ACK3 Consultora de Riesgos Globales. It is a tool for intervention units that allows them to make multiple openings on residential or business doors and that open both inwards and outwards. There is no need for personnel dedicated solely to this function or loading tools whose volume and weight detract from the initial surprise or prevent use in narrow areas.

The main feature of the KBT is the inclusion of a piston system fed by a drum containing eight dummy cartridges, the detonation of which creates the force required to propel an ax-shaped tool that can be used to remove hinges, locks, bolts and bolts. The design allows the drum to be reloaded in seconds and has the great advantage that the user can make multiple openings without the physical exertion of hand tools, at a much faster rate than hydraulic tools, and without the risk associated with the use of explosives or high explosives . Shotgun shells. With 91 cm. long and 12 kg. Due to its compact size, it can be used in tight spaces where the combined use of hand tools (e.g. hammer and halligan) is very difficult. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photos: KBT is a novel tool in the field of injury (KBT)

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