Only 6 million euros for the spare parts that will be needed for Air Force aircraft over the next two years

Last February, we announced the approval by the Council of Ministers of a framework agreement for the purchase of spare parts for Air Force aircraft worth EUR 12 million. At that time, the purchase of replacement parts for electrical and electronic equipment and generators required for the maintenance of Air Force aircraft was reported.

However, the state contract platform already includes the features of this framework agreement and confirms that 6 million euros are to be distributed between 2021 and 2022 (3 million euros per year each), with possible extensions being envisaged until reaching an estimated 12 million euros in value. In particular, the Air Force Logistics Support Command’s Procurement Directorate has split the framework agreement into five different lots, depending on the type of aircraft for which the spare parts are intended.

Lot 1 consists of spare parts for electrical and electronic devices as well as generators for combat aircraft and combat aircraft for an amount of 1 million euros. Lot 2 is similar, but for training aircraft for another million euros. Lot 3 is for helicopters at the same level, while lot 4 is for transport aircraft for which EUR 2 million is allocated. Finally, lot 5 is for spare parts for the CL-215 (UD.13), CL-415 (UD.14) fire extinguishers and the P-3 Orion patrol aircraft.

According to the information in the tender, the purchase of these spare parts is necessary in accordance with their specific and institutional purposes in the context of national defense. The implementation of such missions by the air force units involved is an essential element of national security, which is why the specific decision to award the acts is based on the protection of these security interests.

The aircraft for which the spare parts are intended are the C.15 (F-18) combat aircraft, the Super Puma AS332 (HD.21), Sikorsky S-76 (HE.24), HE.25 (EC-120) , the trainer aircraft E.24 (Bonanza F-33), E.25 (C-101) and E.26 (T.35 Sieve). Also included are the transport aircraft T.12 (C-212), T.19 (CN-235), TR.20 (Cessna Citation V), T.21 (C-295) and the above-mentioned fire extinguishers UD.13 and UD .14 ​​in addition to the P.3 Orion patrol aircraft.

Interested companies can request the specifications and submit offers by April 5th. The business offer envelopes are expected to open on April 5th and the administrative documentation envelopes the next day. When evaluating the offers, the price will be the main criterion with 80% of the weighting. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: F-18 from Wing 15 (Air Force)

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