One of the modernized Super Linx of the Brazilian Navy is conducting its first target practice in the Mediterranean -Notikia

A unit of the Brazilian Navy’s 1st Helicopter Squadron for Assault and Reconnaissance (EsqdHA-1) carried out the Live Firing Actvities exercise in international Mediterranean waters near the Lebanese Territorial Sea. The Lynx 04 helicopter, which was upgraded at the Leonardo factory in Yeovil, is attached to the Brazilian frigate “Independncia”, the flagship of the UNIFIL / UNIFIL Maritime Task Force, which is the only naval force for this peacekeeping mission. the UN in Lebanon.

During the exercise, the Navo helicopter binomial used its positions armed with a 12.7 mm (.50) machine gun from the aircraft. The aim was to improve the level of training and coordination of the Department for Embarked Air Force (DAE) and the ship troops involved in the defense against asymmetrical threats. The main tasks of the DAE, which is subordinate to the FTM-UNIFIL, include banning operations in the sea area, the identification and follow-up of contacts as well as reconnaissance or maritime intelligence missions. (Javier Bonilla)

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