Omni presents flights in the north region and orders ANAC

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The Acre government announced this week that the state and the North Region will be recruiting another airline, Omni Táxi Aéreo (OTA), to carry passengers.

The presentation was given on Wednesday October 14th by the company’s General Manager, Roberto Márcio Coimbra, Gladson Cameli, State Governor, Anderson Abreu, Minister of Industry, Science and Technology of Acre, and the company’s representative Tomorrow in Brasilia, Ricardo França.

Roberto Coimbra presented the proposal for the installation and operation of the company for an airline between the municipalities of Manaus, Cruzeiro do Sul, Rio Branco and Porto Velho. According to the managing director, the company owns an ATR 42-500 model airplane.

The company, which specializes in helicopter transportation, is expanding its passenger and cargo transportation services with its ATR, which according to Omni itself has a capacity for 48 passengers.

The company is filing with the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) to act in the Northern Region and Roberto Coimbra has asked Governor Gladson Cameli to help advance the liberation process.

The governor was very pleased with the proposal because with the entry of the company, in particular the line from Manaus, Porto Velho, Rio Branco and Cruzeiro do Sul, it will initially be another option for the eviction of passengers who are suffering with the today low frequency of flights.

“We will give all our support so that the company can start its work as soon as possible and expand the routes in the state of Acre,” said Cameli.

Seict Secretary Anderson revealed that this was an important step in accelerating development in the state, as one of the main reasons for growth was ease of movement for both passengers and cargo.

Finally, Ricardo França made himself available to the company for everything that was necessary, as the Brasília-based representation of the state can advance the protocols of the federal government.

“We are receiving instructions from our governor here and we are working to ensure that this connection benefits the state of Acre and its people,” said França.

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Receive the news on your mobile, click to access the AEROIN channel via Telegram and our profile on Instagram.

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