Officials in the Peruvian Navy reserve cite Lescano’s idea of ​​asking Chile to return the Huáscar monitor as populist notes to

In a brief statement, the national association Promarina del Peru categorically rejected the proposal of the presidential candidate of the popular action, Yonhy Lescano, who assured that when he reached the government palace he would ask Chile to return the Huscar monitor to Peru as a sign of rapprochement between the two countries. In his statements, which have been described as populist and irresponsible, Lescano also pointed out that outstanding issues must be treated openly and with height, such as that between Peru and Chile, the case of the cultural heritage of books that has not yet happened, They were brought back to Peru from Chile “and one of these problems at hand is the triangle we have in southern Peru to settle once and for all the rights we have in the port of Arica.

The document signed by Captain Jorge Guerrero Lang indicates that we categorically reject the offer made by Mr Yonhy Lescano, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, regarding the request to return Monitor Huscar to Peru, adding the institution to its VII National Congress, which took place in Talara in 1996, the fighters of the Pacific War agreed that the will of our admiral must be obeyed when he declared: If the huscar does not return victorious for Callao either, and that the place where the monitor must rest, the bottom of Punta Angamos is where the Grand Admiral of Peru came to fame.

In this context, Vice-Admiral (r) Jose Cueto Aservi, former commandant general of the Navy and former head of the command of the armed forces, stated that El Huascar had died with Miguel Grau in Punta Angamos, neither did the non-returnee and his monitor. War trophies are NOT solicited or claimed. Candidate Yonhy Lescano must respect our heroes and the dignity of all good Peruvians. Don’t make cheap populism with our honor.

Vice-Admiral (r) Jorge Montoya Manrique, who was also head of the joint command of the armed forces, told a local newspaper that the candidate had committed an act of national irresponsibility and playing with national values ​​to cheapen populism is unacceptable. The huscar is a war trophy and the trophies are not requested, they are recovered and we do not want to bring them back. Gray added: Either I will return with the huscar or I will not return. When Gray died, the huscar died. The Navy will never accept such a situation. The huscar is fine where it is and it has to stay there. And in terms of pending items, we don’t have any with Chile. Lescano should find out a little more before he starts talking nonsense. (Alejo Marchessini correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima)

Photo: RH Monitor Huascar.

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