Objetc 477: that could? new ?? Ukrainian tank news

Since the start of the Donbaas War in 2014, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has been trying to renew its fleet of main battle tanks or the Main Armored Battle (MBT), and according to some sources, it would restore designs such as the so-called object 477. The main battle tanks they will both be in this conflict Heavily used by the government of Ukraine as well as by the separatists and their ally, the powerful army of the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian state defense development company, Kharkiv Morozov Design Bureau (KMDB), designed the Objetc tank at the Kharkiv base in Ukraine between 1993 and 2000, where MBT projects had been going on for many years, even in the last eighties when the complex was built was under the control of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) along with the rest of Ukraine.

In the pictures we see what the new version of the Ukrainian MBT Object 477, which would be equipped with a large unmanned tower, would presumably look like. According to open sources, the main armament of the MBT Object 477 was a 2A73 152 mm smoothbore cannon powered by an autoloader. The tower carries a total of 42 projectiles, including 10 ready-to-use (each 1.8 m long) in a special rotary magazine. This main weapon would also allow long-range anti-tank missiles to be fired through the wide barrel. In the tower of Object 477, as we can see in the picture, there would also be a remote-controlled weapon station or a remote-controlled weapon station RCWS, which is equipped with a 30 mm single-barrel automatic cannon, which the KMDB already has in its catalog with systems from this type, carrying heavy 12.70 mm machine guns with both a single barrel and with the Gatling system of several.

The hull would be equipped with a modular armor system made up of various plates of steel, titanium, ceramic, and composite materials. In addition, both the front and front and side sections would be covered with reactive armor to provide better protection against anti-tank shells fired by missiles. According to North American sources, three prototypes of the Object 477 were shipped to Russia in 1993, where they were extensively tested and possibly served as one of the foundations of the design that led to the MBT T-14 Armata. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: Front view of the MBT Objetc 477 tank

Side view of what Object 477 might be, watching the RCWS that would use this medium as a secondary weapon.

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