No MP-7 Submachine Gun: The Legion is testing a Roni kit to convert their pistols into submachine guns

If we complete the information published today on the legionnaires’ use of the X Million Astray Flag of what appears to be a submachine gun, or rather a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) MP-7 weapon made by the German manufacturer HK, we must make it clear that No. this weapon system used in elite units of the Spanish armed forces such as the Army’s Special Operations Command (MOE), as we exclusively report, and in state security forces and bodies such as the Special Operations Group (GEO).

It’s a kit that turns a single short weapon like the pistol into a type of submachine gun. This model is the Roni from the Israeli company CAA Tactical. This type of system assumes a chassis made of aluminum and high-quality plastics, in which the individual weapon is inserted, possibly an HK USP in the case of the Legionnaire, in order to improve the grip, face and performance especially during upcoming actions. of the CBQ (Close Quarters Combat) type, like the one in which the above-mentioned unit played the main role in training.

The images show a training in urban areas that took place on the basis of Álvarez de Sotomayor in Viator, Almera, in connection with the Fuerza 2035 program. Hence, it may be an assessment of more than one weapon system or equipment to do this possible future assumption.

The weapon is inserted into the plastic housing, which is also equipped with a stock with a cheek piece and a hand guard with a hinged pistol grip that enhances the user’s toes. It can also be quickly assembled and disassembled in seconds without tools so that it can be reinstalled. Use the gun separately. It also includes standardized Picatinny rails for mounting visual elements such as laser pointers or holographic sights, as well as a housing for locating a second charger for immediate use, as well as other accessories that allow the equipment to be tailored to the user’s preferences. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

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