NIS Law Update

On January 28th, 2021 the Royal Decree 43/2021 of January 26th was adopted, with which the Royal Decree-Law 12/2018 of September 7th on network security and information systems was developed.
We will talk about the Royal Legislative Decree on the Security of Networks and Information Systems, hereinafter the NIS Law. This law offers a common security environment in the network of the European Union and a security plus in terms of protection in the cyber world. This law concerns operators and providers of essential services with activities in Spain, without forgetting the strategic operators. This law also obliges digital service providers who are search engines, online marketplaces or cloud computing (except in the case of small or micro businesses). A very important thing is that operators of electronic communications networks and services, as well as trusted electronic service providers who are not identified as critical operators, are excluded from their scope alongside digital service providers with regard to micro or small businesses.

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