NHIndustries chooses the TopOwl helmet for the pilots of the NH90 of the Special Forces – news

NHIndustries has informed Thales about the choice of the next generation TopOwl Digital Display helmet for the Special Forces version of the NH90 program. This version was developed at the request of the General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) for the needs of the French special forces. However, it is also available to customers from member countries or NH90 customers. This digital generation opens the era of augmented reality to the advantage of the operational capability of combat helicopter pilots, especially for flying in a severely deteriorated visual environment. The TopOwl helmet was also selected for the Tiger Combat Helicopter Standard 3, which is the subject of a collaboration between France, Germany and Spain.

Special forces are military units that are specially trained to gather information or intervene behind enemy lines. The developments of the NH90 Special Forces lead to a significant increase in mission capabilities and position them as one of the most successful tactical transport helicopters in the world, especially under extreme environmental conditions such as sand, snow, fog or snow. or the darkest nights.

The TopOwl helmet has been in use since 2005 and has already been battle-tested. The new digital generation improves definition and enables the presentation of videos from the sensors. It has no loss of quality and thus improves flight limits in a deteriorated visual environment. It uses the latest digital technologies and integrates the latest cybersecurity techniques from its design. TopOwl’s digital display helps reduce pilot fatigue and crew collaboration. This is vital during the most difficult missions, especially when displaying relevant information in front of the pilot, assigning an audio warning system, specializing and reducing ambient noise.

The TopOwl also offers unmatched functions for pilots without line of sight with absolute safety. Above all, to carry out high-risk missions and to provide information from sensors and 2D or 3D cameras thanks to the augmented reality that results from the synthetic view of the terrain. It can be used day and night and helps the pilot with landings in very difficult situations such as dust clouds, fog, snow or very dark nights. The latest generation of TopOwl’s material design is perfectly tailored to the morphology of each driver and has been further developed to reduce integration restrictions. By simplifying the fuselage connection cables, the emergency exit for the crew is made easier, especially when landing. (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photography: The TopOwl helmet offers unsurpassed functions for pilots without direct view and with absolute safety.

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