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Israel Rafael has updated its range of weapons and sensor systems for armored vehicles as part of the Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Suite or NGCV-S concept, which includes weapons, protection, situation awareness and network operations solutions including communications.

This suite was offered to the South Korean Ministry of Defense as part of the Tiger 4.0 program, which includes a solution for future ground combat vehicles and takes into account the development of ground combat today. This is characterized by its complexity and saturation, or by the need for armored vehicles to accompany battle tanks in their operations.

The NGCV-S-Suite is an open system and a modular architecture with a 30 or 40 mm barrel. Airbust Ammunition (ABM) -enabled spike multi-purpose missile launcher, next generation ballistic protection, active protection via the Trophy system, the Fire Weaver battlefield management system that connects sensors and weapons in real time, the mini FireFly UAVs with loitering and the Software Defined Radio (SDR) of the BNet family.

This solution is one of the company’s first at DX Defense & Security Expo Korea, which takes place this month between 6 and 9 p.m. at the KINTEX Convention Center in Ilsanseo-gu City. The extended range of the Spike or ER2 missile with 10 km is also offered. Range or the Non Line of Sight (NLOS) version with 32 km. Range for mounting in helicopters, which allows supply helicopters to be adapted for combat missions Worldwide, 35 users, including the Israel Defense Forces, are using the Spike, which has sold more than 33,000 missiles.

Rafael also offers the BNet radio based communication system MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork) for tactical operations with multiband capacity, which can be adapted for use by foot units, command posts, vehicles or aircraft with transmission capacity. advanced voice, data or video. In addition, the various air defense systems will be exhibited at the company’s booth, for example the drone dome against unmanned aircraft for military and civil applications or the SkySpotter, a passive electro-optical advanced warning system for air defense systems that supplements the detection function. Radar.

Photo: Rafaels Samson 30 tower on the 8×8 kite of the Spanish army (Rafael)

American M1 Abrams tank with active armor Trophy (Rafael)

Spike NLOS from the Colombian harp helicopter (Rafael)

The system against UAVs Drone Dome (Rafael)

BNet Radio (Rafael)

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