New parliamentary friction by the Hercules KC-130 that Uruguay acquired in Spain-Noticias

The left opposition in Uruguay has refused the purchase of Hercules KC-130 from Spain with any arguments usually far from the actual technical aspects and is trying to superimpose this operation on the scandalous purchase of an old and unnecessary et BAE Hawker 700 during the previous government, recently auctioned off.

Now, without proper advice, a MP and much of the press have set off a storm in a glass of water as two auxiliary tanks and an APU, equal to the lot purchased by the Air Force and the Air Force, were transported separately, a fact that doesn’t even routinely deserve to be new.

It goes to the understandable extreme to speak of alleged “logistical errors” ignoring the fact that FAU has the ability to provide as much internal space as possible for the wide range of spare parts and components involved in operations is, although some of it is yet to come due to the abundance of materials it contains. In addition, it seems minimized that Hercules usually flies without internal fuel tanks a priori, with the exception of large sections that need to be covered.

The increasing confrontation of certain MPs or senators and even chroniclers suggests that friction by the opposition, especially the opposition, continues not only on this issue but also in relation to everything to do with the conversion of the armed forces becomes. Communist and Socialist Parties, as well as other radical groups, all grouped together under the motto Broad Front. (Javier Bonilla)

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