New high command in the Chilean Carabineros: 12 are retiring

Carabineros handed over the new institutional high command for 2021, with General Director Mario Rozas remaining in office.

The retired officers general are Inspector General Diego Olate Pinares; Inspector General Mauricio Gonzlez Marn; General Inspector Jorge Valenzuela Hernndez; Inspector General Gonzalo del Alczar Sandoval; General Hctor Salazar Martnez; General Jorge Tobar Alfaro; General Jos Riquelme Herrera; General Rodrigo Median Silva; General Guillermo Quiroz Araya; General Pamela Olivares Pea; General Luis Humeres Aguilera; General Manuel Valds Pinochet.

You are promoted to General Inspector: General Enrique Bassaletti Riess; General Esteban Daz Urbina; General Marcelo Araya Zapata and General Richard Soto Salamanca.

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