New equipment for the Argentine Federal Forces Noticias

As part of the Internal Security Council of the Patagonia and La Pampa Region, the Argentine Security Minister Sabina Frederic emphasized the intention to develop a federal security policy together with each district in the country, the portfolio at their own expense, the freight delivered vehicles and equipment for a total of one and a half million dollars.

26 4×4 trucks were delivered, a minibus for passenger transport, two 60-40 scanners and a 100-100 scanner, which are used exclusively in the Patagonian region. Sabina Frederic said: We have taken note of the needs of the region and so we decided to make this delivery of trucks and scanners that the region needs. Due to the wear and tear of the various cell phones, not only due to the characteristics of the ground but also due to the great distances involved, it is important that the trucks function appropriately. As we have made a commitment since taking office: This is part of our welfare policy towards the security forces. And we have been applying this comprehensive welfare policy, which is work, since the day the President asked us to implement a policy of real federalization of security.

The investments in 2021 complement the investments already made in 2020, which included aid agreements, the purchase of control and surveillance goods and the replacement of existing equipment to update the instruments and working conditions of the federal forces.

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