New directors will be appointed to the ANAC Board of Directors

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Four directors have been appointed to fill vacancies in the Collegiate Directorate of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). The appointments in the Federal Official Gazette (DOU) took place after those appointed by the President of the Republic had been approved in the plenum of the Federal Senate on October 20.

The appointment of the agency’s new ombudsman also went through the same process. Three of the four appointed directors are already directors or deputy directors of the Agency and officials. The board consists of five vacancies, one of which is still vacant.


Juliano Alcântara Noman has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the agency. He was appointed to fill the post that resulted from the end of the tenure of José Ricardo Pataro Botelho de Queiroz, which ended on March 19, 2020.

As a result, his tenure as Chief Executive Officer will be extended to March 19, 2025. Noman is a civil aviation regulatory specialist at ANAC and was the first official to hold the positions of Director and Chief Executive Officer.

He is an Economist from UNB and a Specialist in Airport Infrastructure Management from ITA. At ANAC, he was Market Surveillance Manager and Special Advisor to the Directorate of Aviation Services from 2006 to 2008 when he became an agency employee. From 2008 to 2011 he was Superintendent of the Superintendent for Economic Regulation and Market Surveillance (SRE). Noman was also Secretary for Airports (2011-2013) and Civil Aviation (2013-2016) at the Ministry of Infrastructure’s SNAC.

Ricardo Bisinotto Catanant has been appointed to take over the chairmanship resulting from the end of Ricardo Sérgio Maia Bezerra’s term of office. His term of office will be extended until March 19, 2025. Catanant is also a specialist in ANAC regulations for civil aviation and has been the agency’s deputy director since January 2020. Since its founding (2006), Catanant has been a lawyer and has worked for the agency in the positions of General Manager for Air Service Grants (2006 to 2009), Standards and Projects Manager (2009 to 2014) and Superintendent of Air Services (since 2014) .

The official Tiago Sousa Pereira, who has held the position of deputy director at ANAC since January 2020, has been appointed as director. His tenure as Chief Officer begins on March 20, 2021 due to the end of the mandate of Hélio Paes de Barros Júnior, who has resigned and runs until March 19, 2026.

Tiago holds degrees and masters in economics from the UNB and is currently a PhD student in the same field and institution. At ANAC he was a specialist in civil aviation regulation (2008/2011), special advisor to the presidency (2009/2011) and superintendent for institutional planning (2012/2017).

Tiago is a specialist in public order and government management in the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management-MPOG (since 2011) and has been superintendent for the economic regulation of airports since September 2017.

Finally, Rogério Benevides Carvalho was appointed to the agency’s board of directors, which resulted from the end of Ricardo Fenelon’s term in office.

His term of office will be extended until August 7, 2024. Benevides is an aerospace engineer from ITA and a specialist in production engineering from UFF and aviation economics from Metropolitan State College.

Among his professional experience in the field of aviation, he is distinguished by his 13 years at the Civil Aviation Institute (IAC) between 1988 and 2011, where he held the position of Head of the Aeronautical Noise Group and Head of the Department of Urban Planning and Environmental Aspects and Head of Aviation Research Department.

Between 2001 and 2006, Benevides was Head of Civil Aviation Facilitation and Safety Division in the Civil Aviation Division (DAC) and held various positions at the National Civil Aviation Agency: General Manager Civil Aviation Facilitation and Safety (2006- 2008), Regional Manager – São Paulo (2008), Adviser to the Board of Directors (2009) and Regional Manager – Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais (2009).

In recent years Benevides has worked in the Air Control Department – DECEA / COMAER, the National Union of Airline Companies and as a consultant specializing in airport management.


José Luiz Povill de Souza has been appointed ombudsman for the agency. The position will be available after Alex Castaldi Romera’s term of office has ended.

Povill is currently chief of staff on the ANAC board and will serve as the ombudsman for three years until October 2023.

Povill Federal Police started their work at the agency in 2015 as a technical advisor to the board of directors and special advisor to the chief executive officer, after participating in the process of restructuring and adapting the ombudsman to the code of defense for public service users and its rules with updated information . internal regulations and the introduction of a new system for handling manifestations.

It is also part of the Integrity Subcommittee, which discusses measures to ensure compliance with the law and the ANAC Code of Ethics and Conduct.

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