New delay in the Antonov An-178 for Peru: the engines will be certified within two years – Noticias

On February 25, the director of Ivchenko-Progress, Igor Kravchenko, told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency that the Ivchenko-Progress plant in the field of aircraft engine construction plans to certify the D-436- engine for the next two years. 148FM for the An-178 aircraft as well as for the development of an aircraft line to further improve the An-148 and An-158. I believe that the points of this program are already being successfully completed. I have been working on the engine for a long time and the An-178 is already flying with experimental engines. We need to complete the work on this engine and carry out its certification. “

This is in addition to the statements made by the director of the Antonov An-148, An-158 and An-178 programs in early February, Viktor Kazurov, who in the Unimaginable History program of 5 Kanal (Ukraine) pointed out that the An-178- Prototype after changing all components and equipment of Russian origin is understood – to make its first flight not before 2022 and to obtain certification at least until the end of 2023. In connection with this, it is clear that the company Spetstechnoexport, which has an An-178 for 64 million dollars sold to the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior, cannot meet the delivery deadline, which expires in October 2021 year and 4 months after signing the contract, Sptetstechnoexport did not properly submit the guarantee letter, a situation – incidentally, even in the case of the modality irregular from state to state -, which should have led to the termination of the contract.

As if that weren’t enough, the State Aviation Authority of Ukraine excluded days ago from the civil aircraft register, implying the immediate withdrawal of the certificate of airworthiness required to operate a flight – the An-132D, An-158 and An-178, which respectively Have the UR-EXK, UR-EXJ and UR-EXP tags belonging to the Antonov JSC factory. This is due to the fact that for almost 24 months the State Aviation Authority of Ukraine did not have access to the aircraft to check in person or with documents whether they were able to comply with the applicable regulations.

Photo: The An-178 prototype, registration UR-EXP, will currently not be in flight condition before 2022 and will be certified by the end of 2023.

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