New companies using Embraer Jet are more confused than imaginable

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Lone Star Air, Wing of Liberia. These are each the name and motto of the newest airline that wants to fly Embraer planes but is born in the twistiest way imaginable.

Embraer Jet with installation of the company color – Image: Lone Star Air

On its official Facebook page, the new airline made a statement last Tuesday, October 6, describing that the government of the Republic of Liberia (GOL) and the Ghanaian airline Goldstar Air (GSA) have entered into a strategic partnership are revitalizing the country’s national airline.

Think of that name: Goldstar Air. In a few paragraphs we’ll talk more about it (if you’ve been reading AEROIN for a long time, something may have crossed your mind).

Announcement details

The new national airline from the Republic of Liberia announces that it is called Lone Star Air – Wings of Liberia and will initially fly from Monrovia to eleven West African destinations, namely: Accra, Abuja, Lagos, Abidjan, Freetown, Banjul, Conakry, Dakar, Ouagadougou, Bissau and São Tomé.

The President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Oppong Weah, stated that he was keen to create more jobs for the citizens of Liberia by revitalizing the national airline that stopped operating almost thirty years ago (1990) after a few years of consultation, chose Goldstar Air Management Services.

The President deems it necessary to initiate plans for a project in aviation as a strategic objective to use as an engine for socio-economic change so that the main focus of Lone Star Air’s business is to attract more visitors to Liberia .

To achieve this, the marketing strategy will be detailed, based on the features of the methodology for operating packages and tours of low-cost airlines that have been successful to date in North America and Europe.

In a meeting with some of its ministers of state and Goldstar Air officials prior to the signing ceremony, the president said the airline would enable the Liberia aviation community to share and disseminate important industry information to strengthen and improve the aviation sector, and also with the national one Link development to create jobs for young people.

According to the statement, His Excellency’s goal is to upgrade Monrovia Airport and establish a Maintenance Base (MRO) that will ensure the safety and airworthiness of all aircraft according to international standards.

In addition, a freight village will be set up that will maintain an incoming and outgoing freight flow, as well as an outsourced logistics service provider (E-Station Cargo) with its own transport chain to implement and control the efficient flow and storage of goods and services according to customer requirements.

Goldstar Air Management Services, as part of the joint venture with the government of the country, will ensure that the right products are delivered in the right quantities and under the right conditions to the right place, at the right time and at the right cost, taking into account the fact The main focus as a forward-looking airline is on high quality, short response times and the promotion of competitive prices as well as the guarantee of excellent customer service.

Liberian Minister of Transport, Mr Samuel Wlue, signed the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Liberian Government and Eric Alfred Bannerman, Executive President / CEO of Goldstar Air, signed on October 3, 2020 in the President’s Office on behalf of the airline.

The statement concludes by stating that aviation is vital to international business, trade and tourism from which Liberia and Ghana and both airlines can benefit greatly. “We intend to expand our goals through a strategic codeshare / interline agreement, strengthening West African connectivity with the rest of the world. “

Very well. Everything duly announced and planned. We wish another airline the best of luck in winning the sky of the world.

But let’s go to Goldstar Air as promised.

Goldstar Air, the most involved in the world

Last July, we followed the progress of the plans of a Ghanaian airline that had high flights ahead of them: Goldstar Air.

In fact, it all started in 2014 when the company held a big party in Accra city to celebrate his birth. It looked like something big was coming, maybe a company that would connect Ghana to the world and not just act as a major hub like Ethiopian Airlines or Royal Air Maroc do on the continent.

Shortly thereafter, in 2015, the company released an ambitious plan to integrate large aircraft and build a global flight network. His plans included various models of large jets such as the Boeing 747, 767, 777, MD-11 and even the 787. At the time, several media outlets in Africa and around the world were publishing articles about the new company, which was competing in the market with some big ones already established.

The company has also posted some aircraft assemblies (or similar) with their colors on their website, but with that hybrid of “nothing with nothing” in the picture below it was already looking very strange.

Image that was on Goldstar Air’s official website

But as time went on, the fire seemed to go out and it began to notice something was wrong.

Change of plan

The revolutionary plans gave way to a more modest strategy, namely operation with one Boeing 737-300 and three used Boeing 767-200s. But the plans were still insane and should connect Ghana to the world, including a destination in Brazil.

There has been a lot of comings and goings and disagreements with the GCAA (Ghana Civil Aviation Authority). After a long wait and without seeing a deal, the company’s executives appear to have “kicked the bucket”.

In mid-2016, the company announced in the market that it was going to buy three planes and, despite government permits, started selling tickets on its website that were completely hidden.

Shortly thereafter, the GCAA issued a notice to the market stating that the airline was trying to operate without the certifications and that it was very concerned. The note was read in the Ghanaian press and caused a sensation among executives.

In response, Goldstar said there was an ongoing conspiracy to tarnish its image and prevent operations. All of this happened in a national network and spilled over to other countries, which became a real national disgrace.

New company

In 2018, the company’s managing director (again) announced the arrival of five Boeing planes to be named after personalities from his country. He also stressed that the company will immediately create 5,000 direct and indirect jobs.

In 2019, a company that never flown launched a new website that, while less bizarre than the first, is just as amateurish and features pictures of other airlines’ planes. In it, the company mentions that it has obtained the desired airline company certificate from GCAA and would look for the Boeing 767-300ER.

As we announced last week, the country’s civil aviation authority is warning the population not to do business with Global Ghana Airways and Goldstar Air for disclosing non-existent flights and fraudulent operations.

More than one possible case of embezzlement, airlines moved the business and political sector in the African country, sold tickets, honored officials and even won awards.

They are not officially charged with crimes, but the GCAA is accusing the two companies of improper practices as the two behave as fully operational and seek business with partners who can be deceived. It has been known that they are not even close to obtain the necessary permits to start the flight.

So this is the fame of the company that the Liberian government completed the big deal with to get Lone Star Air on the air. Would someone bet their chips there that the company would one day withdraw?

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