New commercial and business development structure of Navantia-Noticias

Navantia has appointed Francisco Javier Herrador del Ro, the current director of the Baha de Cdiz shipyard, as its new director of trade and business development. Herrador, who will join the Navantia Management Committee, has many years of experience in the company. Since 1997 he has worked in the fields of engineering and innovation, trade and operations, and business. For the past two years he has been the director of factories in San Fernando and Puerto Real.

The new director of the Baha de Cdiz shipyard will be Jos Antonio Rodrguez Poch, who is responsible for the Baha defense and the Avante 2200 program. The Ra de Ferrol shipyard will be responsible for the F110 program as director Eduardo Dobarro Rubido.

The shipyard manager appointments are part of a new organization to strengthen the Operations and Business Directorate, which is primarily responsible for running the programs. As part of this reorganization, the new director of the repair business will be Marcos Daz Daz, while Israel Lozano Barragn, who was previously responsible for the international business, will lead Navantia Australia.

In addition, the International Business division will be merged with the Services division in a reinforced directorate headed by Mara Antonia Gmez Garca, director of the engine factory. Navantia thus has a structure that strengthens its programs in order to fulfill its strategic plan, which is to increase the backlog of orders in all business areas, improve the efficiency of the company and digital transformation, as well as the rejuvenation of the workforce.

Photo: Francisco Javier Herrador, new director of trade and business development

Jos Antonio Rodriguez Poch, new director of the Baha de Cdiz shipyard

Eduardo Dobarro Rubido, new director of Ferrol Shipyard

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