NETON, the new light special vehicle from the Spanish Army Noticias

EINSA has received the delivery of the new Special Operations Light Vehicle (VLOE) of the Special Operations Command (MOE) of the Spanish Army. The proposal of the company based in Alcal de Henares was based on the NETON designed by the company, which we presented exclusively in 2017 and analyzed several times. The award, with a base budget of 3.9 million euros, includes the purchase of 24 units that will replace the previous VLOEs based on the experienced Nissan Patrol ML-6.

The NETON, which takes its name from the old Hispanic god of war and lightning lord, is based on the chassis of one of the most popular vehicles in the world, the Toyota Hilux pick-up. EINSA has designed a special body with a tubular structure, which can be easily built into the chassis of any of these vehicles and which can be repaired anywhere in the world due to the ease of replacement parts. The work is very in-depth, however, as the entire original film set has been modified and has a configuration of suspensions, brakes, differentials, and steering more typical of a raid competition agent.

The company has applied its own solutions to the vehicle, ranging from designing its own electronic control unit to harness the capabilities of the engine, including three driving modes (economical, off-road and discreet to deploy) or design and manufacture of Suspensions. adjustable. A generous front underrun protection plate was also installed, Sparco rear panels for four occupants, Spanish braid tires, a winch that can be attached to the front or rear of the vehicle for self-rescue, or that of another vehicle or a disconnector from the electrical system.

The design includes multiple storage spaces on both the rear and front wing and on the bonnet. The company has developed its own mounts for guns up to 7.62mm, including a ring on top. It is a vehicle in the 1-tonne cargo category that can be transported in the CH-47D Chinook of FAMET and in the C295 according to the information in the technical specification. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

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