Nella Linhas Aéreas presents the senior team and announces the headquarters on Mars

In a live interview by the Teaching for Free (TFF) channel, led by Commander Rafael Santos, the Nella Linhas Aéreas management team announced first-hand additional high-ranking team members. Another innovation is the administrative headquarters in Campo de Marte in São Paulo. The interview is available below (expected to be loaded).

During the conversation, Maurício Souza (CEO), Dyin Mabe (COO) and Fernando Mairink (CMO) introduced the new team members who presented themselves.

new member

Souza commented that all new hires were selected from the résumés the company received mid-year. Are you:

Robson Leal: will be the airline’s controller and accountant. According to his LinkedIN, he has 14 years of experience in this area. Most recently, he was Commercial Director of Ecar Contábil and co-founder of Super Contador.

Fabiola Gonçalves: Hired as the airline’s legal advisor, she will be responsible for advising on all legal issues. Most recently he worked for seven years at Viracopos Airport and before that for another six years at ANAC, Trip and TAM Linhas Aéreas.

Adassa Campos: will be responsible for the HR department at Nella and will be hired as a specialist. She was a flight attendant at Azul for 7 years, then went through Robert Half and Leroy Merlin before joining the start-up airline.

Emerson Nakamatu: Joins CCO as General Manager and will be responsible for the creation of the manuals and the certification process at ANAC. He has about ten years in aviation, seven years in Gol and Avianca Brasil.

Administrative headquarters

Dyin Mabe, COO, said the company has agreed to terms of contract with Val Services and Orbitall, who will be responsible for the airline’s ground handling process.

Another new piece of information is that the airline’s administrative headquarters are located at Campo de Marte Airport in São Paulo. According to Mabe, the company has already signed an agreement with Infraero to acquire a building on Mars that can accommodate up to 150 people. This is ideal capacity for the company’s next 12 to 18 month plan.


When asked by Rafael Santos about the progress of the certification process at ANAC, Maurício Souza said that Nella was about to sign a contract with an outside company that would help him register with the regulator.

According to Souza, there will be a definition on the matter next week and an initial meeting with government officials is planned to enter the minutes that formalize the start of the certification process.

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