Navantia will repair the Spanish Navy’s Turia mine hunter

The government has placed an order to repair the Turia M-34 mine-hunter of the Navy. The repair work for 25 million euros will be carried out by Navantia under the agreement signed by the company with the Ministry of Defense and its supplementary development rules. The 24-month repairs are carried out in a shipyard that specializes in this type of ship and has the experience that the company has as a manufacturer and owner of these ships.

Recall that on August 27, 2019, during the rescue work on a crashed General Air Academy military aircraft, the Turia capsized in a low off the beach of Manga del Mar Menor, causing great damage to Helm. In March last year, the Navy confirmed its intention to recover the mine hunter after the accident for operational reasons, by maintaining the balance between those needs and the repair budget and once the technical feasibility of the repair was confirmed.

The Navy has always considered it necessary to maintain the number of mine hunters it had, as it was of minimal strategic interest in defending our ports to carry out the missions assigned to the Mine Action Force. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Turia (M-34) mine hunter (Navy)

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