Navantia, the Spanish Navy and Defense are entering a new phase of the 4E project for future European escort ships

Navantia, the Ministry of Defense and the Spanish Navy are launching a new phase of the 4E (Essential Elements of European Escorts) project with Spanish industry, proposing working days with companies that have shown interest in participating after the event last year. The aim is to analyze the current situation of the initiative and the progress that has been made since its launch in September, when drawing up a map of the capabilities of Spanish companies helped the Ministry of Defense come up with a solid proposal, that of a capable industrialist with high Technological knowledge was supported.

This second phase began with the launch of a website for the more than 60 companies interested in participating in the project. A specialist conference will take place between March 15 and 18, at which these companies will give online presentations on five thematic tables. These are the main systems to which the future escorts of our armed forces belong: Combat system, communication and information, navigation and The platform control was integrated from a fifth block to ensure proper integration on board: Systems System.

The 4E project has already received support from several European Union countries, and both the Navy and the Ministry continue to work to welcome new joinings from countries whose strategic needs match the capabilities pursued in this initiative.

The estimated calendar provides for the definition of the specific scope of the project between the participating navies between February and March 2021, to continue with its presentation between March and June 2021. Work is underway to finance the studies mainly with the instruments used. March of the European Commission, mainly the European Defense Fund (EDF).

Navantia, along with the Navy and the Department of Defense, aims to continue to be at the forefront of technology in the maritime transport sector, seeking and leading value propositions that provide superiority and technological advantage to its maritime systems and ensure a chain driving force and cooperative industry, key to the success of this program .

The 4E does not intend to build a specific ship, but is presented as a system block that will be included in the European escorts of the future. These systems were developed through a technology foresight exercise. The initiative has to be officially presented to the EU Military Committee this year. The specific aim of this project is to design and develop the essential elements (equipment and systems) that will be of common use in future European escort ships and that will form the basis for the future Spanish frigate.

The following systems have been identified as having the greatest technical ability to improve and innovate. Four types of systems have been identified that technically offer the greatest ability to improve and innovate:

Combat systems (Comprehensive Missile Defense System, Comprehensive Anti-Torpedo Defense System, Command and Control Systems for UXV and System for Knowledge and Use of the Electromagnetic Environment).

Communication systems (tactical cloud and systems for operation in shabby environments. Cyber ​​defense, European data link and submarine communication system).

Platform control system (power plant and energy storage, reduction of detectability, improvement of auxiliary systems: better damage control, unattended systems).

Navigation system (independence from satellite positioning systems).

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