Navantia presents an amphibious ship configurator based on a modular structure

Navantia presented its new LPD (Landing Platform Deck) configurator at the IDEX fair, a tool that can be used to customize the various alternatives of a ship depending on the customer and which in turn is based on an innovative modular design system.

In ship design, each ship is unique, depending on the mission, the areas of operation and the required skills, and often becomes the prototype of this series of ships. The modular structure offers flexibility in construction, reduces construction and life cycle times and costs, facilitates the integration of new technologies and offers more flexibility for ships with multiple missions.

Navantia is a pioneer in the marine sector in the use of this technique, which consists in dividing the ship into modular units that are associated with different capacities such as propulsion system, air capacity or habitability.

This solution allows the customer to configure the ship so that it can be more effectively customized to their needs, including features that are easily removed or removed. The configurator, which was presented for the first time at the Idex-Navdex, is a virtual tool with which the customer can display the various configurations

In addition, two further concepts were included. On the one hand, the use of mission modules in containers, which increase the versatility of the ship without having to increase the size or complexity of the equipment and services permanently installed on board. On the other hand, systems have been defined that can have a scalable scope depending on the wishes and needs of the customer, e.g. B. Combat or communication systems, so that you can choose from several performance levels the one that best suits your needs.

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