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The President of Navantia, Ricardo Domnguez, and the Mayor of San Fernando, Patricia Cavada, led the inauguration of the Navantia Training Center (NTC), the company’s training center, located in the El Barco building in that city.

The NTC is a strategic commitment by Navantia to have a reference center in naval training. To project the company’s image inside and outside Spain as it will enable the development of training programs and other training and contact activities for the marine and defense industries.

The center will be inaugurated with the largest training program in Navantia’s history, dedicated to deploying corvettes to the Royal Saud Navy, currently under construction at the Baha de Cdiz Shipyard. In more than two years a total of 670 people will be trained in this center.

The NTC is located in the El Barco building, which the San Fernando City Council ceded to Navantia. It has been renovated to turn it into a training center with advanced equipment. The 4,000 square meters house 17 classrooms, four Navantis simulator classrooms, a welding simulator classroom, five classrooms with avatar systems, a VR / AR room, a conference room, a multi-purpose room, several meeting rooms, a coffee machine and several agile points.

The NTC building is the first in Navantia to incorporate the new design of open space corporate workspaces across its entire surface. In addition, the center is equipped with a powerful integrated audiovisual system which, among other things, enables full connectivity for remote training.

The NTC is fully part of the Navantia Strategic Plan. According to Ricardo Domnguez, the company’s president, it should be a pillar for training our staff and an attraction for future training programs with domestic and foreign customers.

He underscored Navantia’s commitment to turning the NTC into a center of excellence and empowering talent with international recognition. In this way he contributed to the local economy and positioned San Fernando as a reference city in the training of the Navy to attract talent and activities.

Born from the strategic alliance between the City Council of San Fernando and Navantia, the implementation of which has always had a clear objective, this center complements the long tradition of shipbuilding in the city with a commitment to competitiveness, innovation and sustainability to ensure solidity and solidity Strengthening this industry, the Mayoress of San Fernando, Patricia Cavada, has pointed out.

The NTC is a training challenge that allows us to be optimistic about the future and to add even more value to what is undoubtedly the best capital of Navantia, its people. This is a real guarantee that every job will be carried out with solvency and on time, form has underlined.

Finally, the director of the Baha de Cdiz shipyard, Jos Antonio Rodrguez Poch, wanted to take a look at the past of shipbuilding on the Baha and connect it to the present and above all the future of the company. A center based on two fundamental and strategic pillars of our company. On the one hand its centuries-old history and on the other hand its calling to be a training company for excellent specialists. Our past and present are shaped by who we were and there is no doubt that today it is compulsory to remember the old schools of teaching that trained so many workers in this region and that are designed for professional and personal growth Many citizens have contributed and they are proud to be part of our house, said Rodrguez Poch.

The inauguration event began outside the building where authorities and guests have arrived. Together with the President of Navantia and the Mayor, the Mayoress of Puerto Real, Elena Amaya; the President of the Diputacin de Cdiz, Irene Garca; the delegate of the Junta de Andaluca in Cdiz, Ana Mestre; State Delegate for the Cdiz Free Trade Area, Francisco Gonzlez; and the chief of the Cdiz Arsenal (Alardiz), Vice Admiral Ricardo Hernndez Lpez. On behalf of Navantia, the Director of Operations and Business, Gonzalo Mateo; the director of the Baha de Cdiz shipyard, Jos Antonio Rodrguez Poch; and the director of Navantia Sistemas, Vicente Santamara.

The President of Navantia and the Mayor of San Fernando were responsible for discovering the plaque officially inaugurating the building and then going to the conference room for an opening ceremony, taking precautions based on the situation. Health and a visit to the facilities.

Photo: Inauguration of the NTC (Navantia)

El Barco building where the NTC is located (Navantia)

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