Navantia is working with Naval Group and Fincantieri to develop the future European Corvette-Noticias

Navantia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Naviris, a joint venture founded in equal parts by the Italian Fincantieri and the French naval group, to establish industrial cooperation in the development of the European Patrol Corvette (EPC) to promote. , the most important naval initiative within the framework of the European defense cooperation project PESCO.

It is the most ambitious cooperation project in the field of European naval defense, a project in which the company is consolidated at the cutting edge of technology, opening up export opportunities and strengthening the industrial fabric.

The European corvette will be a smart, innovative, sustainable, interoperable and flexible platform prepared for the present and future challenges of the 21st century. To be a ship fully prepared to carry out various missions, the main aim of which is to improve maritime surveillance, superiority at sea and the projection of armed forces, particularly in the context of peacetime operations such as countering piracy and contraband and those dedicated to the mission of providing humanitarian aid, migration control and guaranteeing freedom of navigation. With dimensions of around 100 meters in length and 3,000 tons of displacement, it can replace various types of ships from 2027, from patrol boats to light frigates.

The design requirements of these ships, which combine common and modular solutions to allow their adaptation to national requirements, will be determined by the navies involved in the project in this year 2021.

The project will have a high R&D component to develop innovative solutions that facilitate co-development, interoperability, operational efficiency of ships and digital data management. In the industrial sector, NAVIRIS and NAVANTIA will act in full coordination with Fincantieri and the Naval Group.

The project, which could receive European funding, has so far involved four countries: Italy as coordinator, France, Spain and Greece, although the aim is to involve other European partners in such a way as to achieve greater cooperation. European defense industry.

Photo: Infographic of the future European corvette.

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