Navantia and Telefónica will jointly develop cybersecurity and comprehensive technological security projects for the defense and marine sector

The two companies have identified several strategic projects where this collaboration will be put into practice, including international opportunities in countries like Peru and Chile. At the national level, the two companies will work together on the cybersecurity of the S80 submarine and the F110 frigates, the two major Spanish Navy orders that Navantia is currently completing and that represent a technological leap in maritime defense capabilities. The F110, with a comprehensive wireless and intelligent communication system that permanently connects all ship systems together, and a digital twin on board and on land, will be the first naval ship to have an integrated cybersecurity system.

Telefnica Tech, Telefnica’s digital business subsidiary, and Navantia will work together to design, deploy, configure and implement cybersecurity solutions and technologies and related services, as well as simulation, training and education. The cooperation will extend to the field of air, land or sea military platforms during their life cycle. The agreement was entered into a week after Telefnica completed its spin-off of Telefnica Tech and formed a company to integrate its cybersecurity and cloud business (Telefnica Cybersecurity & Cloud Tech). Telefnica Tech and Navantia will also work together on projects related to the construction, maintenance and modernization of ships, others related to the implementation of “Industry 4.0” in shipyards and on R&D and I projects in these areas.

Cybersecurity will be a key element in the defense of the 21st century, and with this agreement both companies will become an international reference in command and control systems for cybersecurity, said Navantia President Beln Gualda.

Telefnica Espaa President Emilio Gayo, who signed the trade agreement with the President of Navantia, indicated that this is a great opportunity to jointly develop strategic projects where technology and innovation are at the service of comprehensive security that it enables us to be at the forefront in strategic sectors.

Jose Cerdn, CEO of Telefnica Tech, assured us: We are very proud to bring our knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, which is crucial in these moments when life is shifting to the digital world, to the national Bring security. This agreement enables us to improve security in a strategic sector like defense and confirms the potential and value proposition of our services.

Navantia is a leader in integrating all systems on a ship: combat, communication, navigation and platform control. The cybersecurity requirements for these types of systems have grown exponentially and Navantia has sought a global partner in the area, said the marine company’s director of technologies and digital transformation, Donato Martnez.

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