Naval Aviation, the Brazilian Army and the Troya company have jointly created maintenance platforms for helicopters –

Troya, an Akaer Group company, supplied helicopter maintenance platforms for the Brazilian Navy at the base of the First Helicopter Squadron of General Employment of the North in Belm (Par). The entire development and construction of these platforms was carried out by the company in collaboration with the army. The need for the new platforms arose from difficulties in maintaining the helicopters due to access and working heights. To solve this problem, the equipment was developed in collaboration with technicians from the North General Employment Helicopter Squadron with broad support from the CAvEX (Army Aviation Command) of Taubat to address any access difficulties and ergonomic care.

All work took six months between development of the engineering and construction of the equipment. Due to its size, the platform has been designed so that it can be divided into parts, which facilitates both logistical investigations such as dismantling, truck loading, unloading at the customer, and installation due to the distance between the supplier (Helibrs in Taubat, south of Minas) Gerais) and the customer is approx. 3,000 km away.

(Javier Bonilla, Edefa Group correspondent in Brazil)

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