Morocco’s attack on Ceuta mobilizes the army on the border

The massive attack by Moroccan citizens on the autonomous city of Ceuta through the coastal region, even by swimming, so that up to 9,000 people would have entered Spanish territory in this way, required the rapid mobilization of the Spanish army in the coastal area, as seen in the pictures is that have been spread. Depending on the source, up to 9,000 people are spoken of, including around 1,500 unaccompanied minors (MENAS), most of whom are in a city with fewer than 85,000 people.

The invasion came under the complete inactivity of the Moroccan police guarding the border. In fact, it is reported that large numbers of people take buses towards the coast from cities like Tangier or Nador. Encouraged by the success of the attack in Ceuta, at least 80 sub-Saharan Africans forcibly entered Melilla that night.

The Ministry of the Interior has reported police and civil defense deployments to Ceuta, and the army has deployed soldiers. At least four medium-sized armored BMR-600 wheels were placed in front of the fence on Tarajal Beach.

What clearly appears to be an organized act rather than a coincidence would be the Moroccan government’s respect for the presence in Spain of the leader of the Polisario Front Brahim Gali. In any case, it is an instrumentalization of immigration as a means of exerting pressure on Madrid by the Rabat government. A warning to the sailors. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photos: Army BMRs in Tarajal Beach (ABC)

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