?? More than 50 percent of Argentina’s military equipment spending comes from the US? Rossi highlights in a meeting with the Chief of the United States Southern Command-Noticias

Defense Secretary Agustín Rossi received the Head of the United States’ Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Admiral Craig Faller, who, on behalf of the North American Department of Defense, had donated three field hospitals and their respective equipment for Argentina in order to advance the fight against Covis-19 in the Libertador building.

At the naval station in Buenos Aires, Minister Rossi, accompanied by his health partner Carla Vizzotti, thanked the delivery of one of the three field hospitals operated by the Argentine Navy: the defense and care of all Argentines? The official said.

The minister confirmed the intensive abandonment of the vaccination campaign and assured: “Our aim is to protect the health of all citizens” after mentioning that Argentina has a reserve of nine million doses of COVAX. With that in mind, he highlighted the United States’ collaboration to get more vaccines. and he referred to the close relationship between the two nations when he recalled that more than 50 percent of Argentina’s spending on military equipment comes from North America, where our country has the largest number of representatives in the world with three military attachés for each force. and two purchasing offices: one for the Navy and one for the Air Force.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, SOUTHCOM has worked closely with its Argentine partners,” said Admiral Faller, accompanied by Chargé d’Affaires MaryKay Carlson and Ambassador Jean Manes, the civilian delegate to the commander of SOUTHCOM, to the North American authorities, among others. With that in mind, he continued, “Together we made 15 humanitarian aid related donations related to COVID to support Argentina’s response to this crisis by providing protective equipment, medical supplies, and surveillance and detection tools.”

The equipment donated by the United States amounts to $ 3.5 million and includes, among other things, three field hospitals, oxygen generators, search and rescue teams, and training to maximize the use of these hospitals during disaster or disaster pandemic situations.

Also on the joint agenda was a private meeting between Minister Rossi and Admiral Faller, as well as a bilateral meeting in the San Martín room of the Libertador building, at which the head of the military portfolio gave the invited delegation a description with detailed information on the National Defense Fund (FONDEF) to finance the conversion of the Argentine armed forces.

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