More than 41 million euros for the purchase of 5.56 mm ammunition for the armed forces

The Department of Defense has signed a new four-year framework agreement to supply the armed forces with 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition. for assault rifles as well as medium and light machine guns. In this way, the army, the air force and the navy have the ammunition they need to cover their deployment and training needs in the area of ​​operation at home and abroad.

In this case, the estimated contract value after including the two-year extension to the originally planned period of four years (between 2021 and 2025) reaches 41.9 million euros. This marks the beginning of another framework agreement, which is expected to come into force on April 1 after the end of the agreement that has been in force since 2015.

The framework agreement is divided into seven batches according to certain types of ammunition. Lot 1 is the most important because it is a normal 5.56 x 45 mm record for an amount of 29.3 million euros. Lot 2 is the tracer shot for 399,300 euros. Lot 3 consists of normal recordings of 5.56 x 45 mm and linked tracers in the ratio 4/1 for 3.3 million euros. Lot 4 corresponds to empty shots for 180,193.2 euros, lot 5 consists of linked spaces for 33,033 euros, lot 6 for rebound protection or fragile shots for training in shooting ranges for 601,975 euros and is finally included in lot 7, which consists of 5.56 euros consists of x 45 mm non-fatal marking shots and conversion kits (1 set per 100 shots for the HK G36 and 1 set per 500 shots for the HK 416) per value of 213,153.6 euros.

In the specifications, the ammunition is distributed over the five years for which the framework agreement will initially apply, with the main item being allocated to normal ammunition, which corresponds to around 6 million euros per year of around 7 million euros per year (excluding) including tax ). The maximum prices excluding VAT, which are relevant for bidding, are charged and refer to 1,000 shots of each type. These are the normal 311 euros, 666 the tracer, 468 the common tracer with a link, 219 the blank, 273 the linked blanking 1,999 the rebounder or fragile and 1,468 the non-lethal marker.

Interested companies can submit offers until March 22nd, and it is expected that the envelopes with the economic offers will be opened on the same day. This involves evaluating the offers exclusively on the basis of the price, which represents 100 percent of the weighting. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Special Task Force IV (Spanish Army)

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