More tension: Padrino López accuses Colombia of trying to disable Venezuela’s weapons.

Tensions between Venezuela and Colombia are mounting. Yesterday Sunday Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López condemned alleged attempts by Colombia to attack the country’s defense capabilities and attempted to “disable Venezuela’s weapons”.

“We will denounce Colombia’s attempt to deactivate Venezuela’s weapons in front of the UN,” reported Padrino López in an interview that was broadcast on the state television channel. He stressed that Colombia is seeking warfare against Venezuela and assured that some 600 officers have been contacted by deserters trying to infiltrate the military institution from Bogotá.

?? Colombia has become a true conspiracy center, a true paramilitary camp to conspire against Venezuela, and they have a campaign. There are nearly 600 officers commanded by deserters who use Colombian intelligence services to try to bribe and threaten the officers by telling them they don’t give any information, your family may be taking risks?

He warned that if the Colombian government “violates Venezuelan sovereignty and continues to conspire against Venezuela, they will receive an answer, verbally and in action, at all levels, that they should not think about it because they will find us there”. Padrino López, a man in President Nicolás Maduro’s ring of trust, also denied that Venezuela protects terrorists, claiming that the armed forces understand that any armed group operating illegally in the country must be neutralized or expelled.

There is no distinction whatsoever, dissidents (from the FARC), paramilitaries, drug dealers, absolutely everything that operates illegally, bribes, kidnaps, violates our sovereignty, it cannot be in Venezuela, that is a fixed and constitutional position of the FANB ??, he stressed.

He assured that Colombia is trying to generate a false positive by feeding the matrix that FARC dissidents, in consultation with the Chavista government in the country, are acting to justify their inability for not being in with the conflict or drug trafficking were able to do this able or not want to ??.

According to Padrino López, in consultation with international organizations such as the CIA, the FBI and the DEA, Colombia has become a veritable paramilitary camp to conspire against the country and therefore prepare mercenaries and assassinations with the evidence of everything we will do ” The complaint to the United Nations, “he stressed.” I am shocked that the Colombian oligarchy is coming to the military barracks to seek information and use strategic weapons against the homeland, “he added.

The armed forces are on alert, the military high command said ahead of the launch of the elite command of 7,000 soldiers in Colombia, which empowered Colombia to prosecute armed groups, guerrillas, dissidents from the FARC, ELN and drug traffickers, which Colombia says they are protected in Venezuela.

At the time of the announcement, President Maduro denied the allegations and asked his armed forces to clean the “barrels of the guns”. and be ready to answer if Iván Duque dares to violate sovereignty? in the country. Caracas broke off relations with Bogotá in February 2019 after Duque recognized the opposition Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president, as neither party had rapprochement. (Thiany Rodríguez, Caracas)

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