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The German company Rheinmetall has configured a new version of its unmanned Mission Master ground vehicle (UGV) for armed reconnaissance missions or armed reconnaissance. It is equipped with messaging systems mounted on an extendable mast, a fieldranger remote work station with a 7.62mm machine gun. This new version is designed to carry out high-risk reconnaissance and reconnaissance missions and to get operators out of the way.

The mission system consists of electro-optical day and night sensors, a surveillance radar with 360-degree coverage, a telometer and a laser identifier, all of which are mounted on a stabilized base on a mast that can be used up to 5 meters high. Despite the larger size, it can still be transported in a helicopter such as the CH-47 or CH-53. The installation of a radio system and a data connection makes it possible to control the vehicle remotely and to transmit the recorded information in real time, coordinated with the command post and with other vehicles.

Rheinmetall offers the autonomous driving kit PATH for this and the other modules of the Mission Master, with which the UGV can work autonomously in different ways, for example in the tracking mode of another vehicle, when forming a convoy, or when driving autonomously according to a defined pattern. .

In addition, the so-called wolf pack was presented, which consists of a group of Mission Master UGVs who work efficiently in a coordinated manner to carry out several missions such as monitoring, reconnaissance or setting goals. The UGVs are jointly coordinated from a single command post that is linked by data links or satellite communication.

Rheinmetall had previously presented reconnaissance and protection versions, with the mission master having been sold in Great Britain and the Netherlands. On this basis, the Spanish company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering is working on the configuration of a high-performance solution for national programs such as Escorpin. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The new version of the mission master with the mast inserted (Rheinmetall)

The size of the new version is significant. First is the remote workstation (Rheinmetall)

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