Mepro 02, a novel viewer that improves the shooter’s aim – note

More and more groups of military or police officers who have different types of long guns are choosing glasses. Today it is a well-developed and effective solution, particularly suitable for instinctive shooting situations and those typical of urban environments.

We have just heard the presentation of an international novelty. The Israeli company Meprolight, which is part of the SK Group and has a very long history in the development of various day and night toe cap systems, has designed and developed the Mepro 02 rifle scope and is already promoting it in various groups.

This is a red point telescope that stays away from the classic rounded shapes and opts for a more square presentation screen that expands the field of view to include the reference element for the toe box. In their case, while maintaining a concept that meets the highest military standards, they have developed the Mil-Spec, a system that allows the user to quickly and easily select different shooting references to adapt their shots to different environments, environments and problems.

The Mepro 02 rifle scope was developed to give police and military a tactical advantage. It contains a reticle that can also be used by athletes and shooting enthusiasts. It is based on a five-segment concept with which various parameters can be preselected and linked to planned fire actions. It is a solution that adapts well to different scenarios and uses of ammunition with different ballistics, and allows the same user to use conventional supersonic or subsonic ammunition without having to make significant changes to the range reference. It contains a sensor that measures the ambient light and automatically sets the optimal brightness of the reticle to adapt it to different environments. This is a major advantage when it comes to maximum precision.

Another added value of this model, which is particularly robust and characterized by its compact dimensions that do not restrict dynamic movements, is its low weight of only two hundred and eighty grams. To this detail it must be added that the front anti-reflective lens inhibits the light emission to the outside, that could reveal their own presence to third parties. A benefit to which Mepro 2 adds an auto-off sensor linked to possible movements to ensure the battery life is longer, a user-friendly three-button control panel and a sturdy military-grade bracket for attachment to the rails in the Picatinny style that many long guns already use. (Octavio Dec Cmara)


Visor Mepro 02 by Meprolight (Meprolight)

The new red dot sight from Meprolight is particularly compact and robust and has buttons for easy control. (Meprolight)

Riflescopes like the Mepro 02 are a very effective solution for the military and police environment. (Meprolight)

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