Marines in Madrid

The only unit of the fleet in the Spanish capital is the so-called Agrupacin de Infantera de Marina (IM) of Madrid (AGRUMAD), which is responsible for the security of the naval facilities in the region under a large number of missions. AGRUMAD is part of the so-called Schutztruppe (FUPRO) of the marine infantry, which since its establishment in 2004 has created a new type of unit, the Security Operational Teams (EOS), which operate in the participating Spanish naval ships in international operations, security when inspecting suspects Ships bid and execute the collisions within the maritime surveillance and interdiction operations. Another function of the Security Operational Team, which is made up of around a dozen members of the Marine Corps under the command of a NCO, is to ensure the protection of the ship, from which it mainly operates in port. (Text and photos by Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: AGRUMAD EOS are in constant training, the first marine is armed with a Heckler & Koch G-36K assault rifle.

The powerful 12.70 mm Barret M-82A1 precision rifle, which is used against material, is used by an AGRUMAD marine.

EOS undergo intensive training and certification of their capabilities before they are shipped.

AGRUMAD has an active cynology department equipped with dogs who specialize in drug and explosive detection and security / attack.

A member of AGRUMAD EOS trains in rpel descents.

The Naval Police Company (PN) is conducting arrest drills on a suspect

The main weapon of the EOS are the G-36K assault rifles, the short-barreled version of this weapon made by the German company Heckler & Koch.

The Volkswagen Amarok 4×4 SUV is the last tactical vehicle added to the AGRUMAD.

Training an EOS, reinforced with a handler and his defense and security dog.

The AGRUMAD is equipped with the British Accuracy AW 7.62 mm repeating rifle, which is particularly suitable for neutralizing enemy personnel.

AGRUMAD has one of the best marine infantry music units.

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