Manstein and the third battle of Kharkov

At the end of January 1943, after the catastrophe of the 6th German Army in Stalingrad, the course of the Eastern War seemed to have become final in favor of the Soviets. Large tracts of land in the southern theater of the front were practically devoid of German troops, while the Soviets pushed further west with great numerical superiority. A few weeks later, however, the German command succeeded in completely stabilizing the situation and containing the risk of collapse for the German army groups stationed on the southern wing of the Eastern Front.

In his study, Eberhard Schwarz examines in detail how the Wehrmacht succeeded in stopping the Soviet advance in February and March 1943 and launching a successful counterattack that gained considerable ground, which then led the German high command to develop new plans. aimed to regain the initiative in the summer of 1943.
This study relies on primary sources in the German military archives both at OKH level and in army groups and armies, as well as material from Manstein’s previously unpublished personal archive that the author received from the Marshal’s son to fill a void in the military-historical literature on the Stabilization process of the front in spring 1943 with the restoration of Khruskov and the consolidation of the front on the west bank of the Donets. In addition to military operations, the author examines in detail the controversies between Hitler and Field Marshal von Manstein about the most appropriate way to lead the Wehrmacht.
The work is concluded with detailed attachments of the battle orders of all armed forces in combat and the transcription of the minutes of three meetings with Hitler at the headquarters of Army Group South as well as the transcription of a number of tlexes. and telephone calls between the various employees, orders and other documents and parties. The work also includes 16 color cards, 16 pages with photos and two OKH situation cards from March 1943 in the form of a fold-out triptych.


Title: Manstein and the Third Battle of Khrkov

Author: Eberhard Schwarz

Editor: Salamina

N pages: 406

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