Malaysia Airlines pilots work in sales and IT

A new option could arise for pilots of the state-owned Malaysia Airlines: The company offers its pilots and other flight attendants professional sales and IT courses.

According to the Aerotime portal, the airline’s control group is running programs for employees in the positions hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. In total, the company intends to train 2,000 employees in new functions, including facility management, sales, auditing and technical IT support.

After the courses are completed, employees are transferred from the department and receive full salary, but keep their valid flight tickets.

“At Pandemic, it is important that we prepare our employees with new skills to become more efficient in their current roles or to move into emerging positions and to support our business goals. This is the perfect time for our people to reinvent themselves, ”says Izham Ismail, CEO of the group that controls Malaysia Airlines.

Indeed, professionals who have broken away from their airlines often have to distance themselves from their duties for a while in the face of sharply declining demand for travel. In Thailand, for example, such a situation occurred when an Airbus A330 pilot was forced to deliver groceries through an application on his motorcycle after the aviation suddenly stopped:

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