Major General Antonio Esteban López has been appointed Defense Coordinator in the Spanish Presidency of the OSCE

General Antonio Esteban, who was promoted to Division General of the Army in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday 23 February, was appointed Defense Activities Coordinator this month to hold the Spanish Presidency of the Structured Dialogue of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) support).

The Spanish Presidency of the Structured Dialogue 2020 was organized on Understanding Security / U4S. Spain is leading a process of political-level working meetings and military experts, made up of the four steps necessary to develop a better understanding of security in Europe: listen; Reflect; Share and learn. The Spanish Presidency’s work program will focus on key issues such as restoring trust and stability, transparency, risk reduction and incident prevention, as well as emerging threats and new challenges. The structured dialogue is one of the most important OSCE initiatives and the most important forum for the dialogue on conventional arms control (CCC) and the promotion of confidence and security building measures (CSBM) in Europe. The main task of the Foreign Ministers of the 57 OSCE participating States in the Hamburg Declaration, approved in December 2016, is to create an environment that is conducive to the dialogue on European security.

The structured dialogue is an open process and has no predetermined outcome, but the Spanish Presidency will endeavor to decisively achieve the main objective set out in the Hamburg Declaration: to create an environment that is more conducive to dialogue on the challenges and risks in this matter . current and future security measures that serve as a solid basis for the further path. In the Hamburg Declaration, the 57 OSCE participating States undertook to create an environment conducive to the revitalization of conventional arms control and confidence measures in Europe and to examine how the negative trend in this area can be reversed.

General Esteban is currently General Secretary of the Training and Doctrine Command in Granada. He has served in various units of the Legion in all professions, from lieutenant to colonel. He also worked as a general staff at headquarters as well as in teaching and research centers, most recently as head of studies at the University of the Armed Forces (CESEDEN). He has participated in six peacekeeping operations in different conflict areas, mainly in the Balkans (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the Middle East (Lebanon and Iraq). In addition to an extensive military career, he adds a broad academic curriculum that combines courses and degrees of very different types: military and civil, humanistic and technical.

He is a General Staff diploma, a course that ended with number one promotion and an advanced diploma from NATO Defense School. In addition, she has attended other courses such as National Defense, Skydiving, Cryptology, Social Communication, and Gender Advisor. She has accredited military levels in English and French. In terms of university teaching, he has a law degree, a computer engineer and an expert in criminology. He has three Masters degrees (Protocol, Criminal Law and Policy, and Strategic Studies and International Security). He is currently doing his PhD in Cybercrime and Cross-Border Crime at the University of Granada. He is an honorary professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Pegaso University of Malta.

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