MADRISAR 2020 Exercise: Accident and Rescue at Sea

A C-101 plane crash ?? Blackbird ?? The event off the coast of Santander was the final scenario chosen by the Search and Rescue Service (SAR) to train its crews and coordination teams. At the time of the simulated accident, it was assumed that the aircraft was performing a quality control of the Air Surveillance Squadron No. 12 (EVA 12) of Espinosa de los Monteros in the north of the province of Burgos.

Aircraft and emergency ships from the Air Force, the Civil Guard and the Maritime Rescue and Safety Society (SASEMAR) coordinated efforts as part of the MADRISAR 2020 search and rescue exercise, which was conducted in a maritime setting. The management of all was responsible for the Madrid Rescue Coordination Center (RCC Madrid), which kept the Combat Air Command (MACOM) Air Operations Center (AOC) and the 112 Emergency Center in Cantabria at all times.

On that occasion, and as would be done in a real emergency, all air and sea assets participating in the exercise were activated from their respective bases in accordance with the protocols established for each of them. In this way, the exercise made it possible not only to train the aforementioned media, but also to evaluate the coordination capacity of the RCC Madrid with all organizations involved, highlighting the need to have the resources outside the Air Force area in order to respond immediately to give that kind of emergency.

The search area covered an area of ​​around 2,400 square kilometers, on which some dolls in the form of a human figure (“dummy”) and others in the form of a donut, pretending to be the crew and the remains of the aircraft, had been deposited. The operation was a complete success. The accidents were quickly located and later brought to Santander Airport by air and to the port of Santander by sea.

Regarding the participation of air resources of the Air Force, the participation of another C-101 (as an escort aircraft for the injured person and trigger of the emergency) and for the implementation of the first coordination in the region was definitely not possible. from Salamanca Air Base due to fog.

A maritime patrol aircraft CN-235 from Wing 48 of Getafe Air Force Base (Madrid) performed search and zone coordinator (OSC) functions, notably facilitating the proper development of flight operations A fire extinguisher ?? the 43 group from Torrejón Air Base (Madrid) and a helicopter? Super Puma? Also from Ala 48, from the Cuatro Vientos Air Force Base (Madrid), they did search and rescue work.

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