Luis Furnells, President of Tecnobit? Grupo Oesía, among the new Army Brand ambassadors appointed in a ceremony in Granada-Noticias

The Executive President of Tecnobit? The Grupo Oesía, Luis Furnells, was honored as the Army Brand Ambassador in a ceremony on April 12th by Lieutenant General Jerónimo De Gregorio y Monmeneu, Chief of the Army Training and Doctrine Command (MADOC).

The captain general’s throne room was the backdrop for an institutional act in which civil and military authorities participated, including the government delegate, Inmaculada López Calahorro, the mayor of Granada, Luis Salvador, or the deputy for culture, Fátima Gómez, as well as the representatives of the MADOC, the above-mentioned Lieutenant General Jerónimo de Gregorio y Monmeneu and Brigadier General Fernando Barrón Clavet.

It was a great pride for Luis Furnells. received this award, which he collects as CEO of our company, one of the most deeply rooted and experienced in the defense sector of our country Furnells has assured that from now on he will continue his work to spread the defense culture in civil society with even greater efforts and the enormous value contribution will continue to appreciate the army and its values.

The Department of Defense created the Army brand with the aim of conveying to citizens what the army is and what the armed forces represent as an institution serving society. To carry out this mission, the army took this opportunity to select a number of personalities who received their award this Monday.

Brand ambassador for the army

In addition to Luis Furnells, Federico Beltrán, President of the Famadesa company, was associated with the food sector, followed by Trinitario Betoret, President of Social Work “Padre Manjón”; Leandro Cabrera, Adviser to the Andalusian Advisory Board with extensive experience as a university teacher; the juvenile judge Emilio Calatayud; Javier de Teresa, President of the Granada Social Council with extensive experience in the field of medicine and teaching; Jesús Espigares, former police superintendent, the first Spaniard to lead Interpol; Emilio García de la Torre, President of the College of Physicians in Jaén; Juan Antonio Gil Sánchez with a close relationship with the Granada division; Pedro Luis Gómez, Publications Director of the Sur newspaper of the Vocento Group; Gregorio Jiménez with extensive experience at Puleva; José Antonio Lorente, professor of forensic medicine specializing in genetic identification and CF trainer from Granada, Diego Martínez.

Due to personal health reasons, Baroness Thyssen, the former model Remedios Cervantes and the Vice President of Unicaja, Juan Fraile, could not attend. On behalf of the ambassadors, Judge Emilio Calatayud spoke a few words in front of the audience, highlighting the commitment to society and the missions carried out by our military, while thanking the appointment, which he will seek “to train with dignity and enthusiasm “. Lieutenant General Jerónimo de Gregorio closed the event to explain that the army may be the most developed institution over the past 40 years, having reached a number of milestones such as internationalization or the inclusion of women in the armed forces. “Our citizens must be aware that the army ensures their security and guarantees rights and freedoms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year inside or outside our borders.”

The Army, on the initiative of its Chief of Staff (Chief of Staff) GE D. Javier Varela, launched this project last year in order to improve the perception, understanding and knowledge of the institution in Spanish society under the name of Army Brand, the main characteristics and values ​​of the public and achieve the importance of the armed forces for the security and defense of society as a whole. The Army’s brand ambassadors are the people who are committed to spreading these values ​​and thus helping to improve society’s knowledge of their army.

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