Lufthansa moves four Airbus A350s from Frankfurt

The German company Lufthansa confirms the exclusively received information and assigns four Airbus A350s to its hub in Frankfurt. The planes were stationed exclusively in Munich. In a note on Tuesday (13), the company outlined the plans.

According to the company, the A350’s allocation will be temporary during the Northern Hemisphere winter season (until the end of March 2021). With the decision, Lufthansa will use four of the currently parked Airbus A350-900s for cities like Chicago and Los Angeles and temporarily replace the Boeing 747-8 for this period. From December, the A350 will also fly from Frankfurt to Tokyo instead of the Airbus A340-300. All flights are carried out by cabin and cockpit crews based in Munich.

Although this is a temporary change, when new aircraft of the model arrive in the future, this movement may recur more frequently or even definitely as the Airbus A340s are numbered at Lufthansa and one of the natural replacement aircraft is the A350.

Lufthansa’s A350-900 fleet currently comprises 16 Munich aircraft. Due to the sharp decline in the number of flights offered as a result of the pandemic, only seven A350-900s are flying to North America and Asia.

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