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La vida en verde is a first-person narrative about the experiences and events that Guillermo Daz, the author, went through during the almost seventeen years he served in the Civil Guard Corps (1993-2010).

Of all these years, Guillermo was stationed at the home of HM the King between 1995 and 2007, which brings details about the institution into history that are likely to surprise most readers.
All kinds of anecdotes are told in La vida en verde: funny, sad, adrenaline-pumping and some that even seem incredible when all of them are absolutely true. La vida en verde, in turn, aims to bring the reader closer to a deeper understanding of what it means to serve in the security forces and forces, a profession so close and so unknown to many citizens.


Title: Life in Green

Author: Guillermo Daz Daz

Editor: Red Circle

Number of pages: 416

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