Lieutenant María Sofía Vier is the first female fighter pilot in the history of the Argentine Air Force

Defense Minister Agustn Rossi presided in the V Brigade area of ​​Villa Reynolds, San Luis Province, the ceremony of the first solo flight by four Argentine Air Force officers who had completed their A-4 AR fighter training aircraft. Fightinghawk.

The owner of the portfolio said my congratulations to these four new hawks of this historic air force brigade, which had an outstanding contribution to the Malvinas war with the A-4, in front of Lieutenant Mara Sofa Vier, the first female pilot of the Argentine combat; First Lieutenant Ignacio Filipanics; Lieutenant Matas Dilewski; and Lieutenant Esteban Daniel Guzmn, received by the authorities, present their respective shields and handkerchiefs to continue their performance as Group 5 troop officers of the hunt.

We want to honor all veterans, those who are with us and those who are no longer, Rossi said, recalling that the next year will be four decades since the Falkland Islands landed and the Air Force baptized by fire on September 1st May 1982. It is a good opportunity to reinforce that Malvinian spirit that should never be lost. It’s a value to be built from, the official said as he recalled the character of Captain Gonzalo Britos Venturini, a fighter pilot in the V Brigade who recently passed away during a training exercise: there must be an example and too be an inspirational image for these four new hawks; We remember your skills and generosity.

Together with the Chief of the Air Force, Brigadier Major Xavier Julin Isaac, and the Mayor of Villa Mercedes, Maximiliano Germn Frontera, the Minister expressed words of thanks to the members of this military unit for all the tasks they are carrying out to revive the A -aircraft. -4, under a program of the FONDEF (National Defense Fund). A recovery of around eight more units is expected by the end of the year.

At the end of the ceremony, the Minister and his entourage went to the San Luis Garrison of the Argentine Army, where they, together with the weapon owner, General Agustn Humberto Cejas, toured the facilities and spoke to the personnel of this military unit. There Rossi highlighted “the retooling the San Luis Army garrison has had recently,” while highlighting the National Defense Fund and “its interference with the development of national industry as well as Argentine jobs.” During the day, the Deputy Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier Pablo Girardi and the Undersecretary for Administrative Coordination of the National Defense University, Dolores Lucero Belgrano, were present.

Historic fighter pilot

Lieutenant Four entered the Military Aviation School in 2013. She later moved to the United States when she was elected to the top positions to complete the North American Air Force’s Joint Basic Course of Military Aviator (CBCAM).

In May of last year, at the age of 26, the Cordovan pilot after the flight became the first woman in our country to complete the course for the standardization of procedures for combat aircraft (CEPAC) in the IV. Brigade area El Plumerillo (Mendoza) with an IA-63 alone Pampa II plane.

That year she was sent to St. Louis to the A-4 AR Fightinghawk squadron, where she again marked a milestone by flying alone on board these fighter jets. The Ministry and the Armed Forces have an active policy of including women in their ranks and the world is moving along this line, Rossi assured him, explaining: Today we have 20% of the female workforce in the three armed forces; We hope all women who have a calling to serve the country.

And the second female helicopter pilot in the Argentine Air Force

On the other hand, in the VII Brigade Area in the city of Moreno on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, the first solo flight of Lieutenants Joel Guanuco, Andrs Tobares, Francisco Errecalde and Lieutenant Amparo Fernndez was carried out. These officers make up the payroll for the Standardization Course for Combat Helicopter Aviators (CEPAHC XI) in the Hughes 500 weapons system, which is part of Squadron II of the aforementioned brigade.

The ceremony was held on the military platform in accordance with the health protocols established as part of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 that is devastating the planet. The event was chaired by the commander of the VII Brigade, Commodore Alejandro Tumino, who was accompanied by the head of Grupo Areo 7, Vice-Commodore Gustavo Villegas, and senior and junior military personnel from the unit. On this occasion, it is important to mention in particular Lieutenant Amparo Fernndez, who has become the second pilot of the rotating wings of the institution.

The Standardization Course for Combat Helicopter Airmen Procedures (CEPAHC) is carried out as a supplement to the training that was carried out to obtain the specialty of helicopter pilots of the Argentine Air Force (FAA). During the advanced course, the officers must complete a demanding theoretical and practical training, which includes accompanying tasks for search and rescue in combat, defensive and offensive maneuvers against stationary and rotating aircraft, search and rescue tasks and the supply of external cargo, To provide assistance to areas devoted to conventional transport. In addition, pilots receive other types of training to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Hughes 500 weapon system. (Luis Pieiro)

Photo: New fighter pilots for the Argentine Air Force (FAA)

The new Argentine pilots have to use very old materials.

Fighter low flight.

Lieutenant Amparo Fernndez is the second pilot of the rotary wing.

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